This car or that car

When we went to look at rental cars we had some issues. I wanted a nice comfortable ride and Chester was much more into conserving money and saving on gas. But if you can’t be comfortable while traveling…. well there’s just no point in suffering…is there?

So, here’s the car I wanted to get…and we could have an Italian speaking Chauffeur as well.

Comfort and Joy
Comfort and Joy
Travel in Style
Travel in Style

But Chester of Peanut Butter and Jelly and Macaronni and Cheese out of the box chose this:


But then after losing 105 pounds last year it fits fine for me. Poor Chester has to sit in the trunk to drive somewhat comfortably. But he got what he wanted. 🙂

Tomorrow we have yet another day in Rome. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “This car or that car

  1. manon

    Hi Jim!
    Thanks for the lovely postcards that now grace our refrigerator… We are vicariously traveling with you! The snow is slowly vanishing, the birds have returned, and when you get back it seems spring will truly have sprung. All the best M+J+m

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