Brunswick Maine Memorial Day Parade

Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would be creating a post on my travel blog about Brunswick, Maine. But as it happens I attended the Memorial Day Parade in Brunswick, Maine and once I posted the videos I created while I was there I received all kinds of attention and more significantly the appreciation of a young soldier who marched in that parade and found my video online.

So in honor of our service men and women both young and old I have decided to create this post.Brunswick Memorial Day Parade-Pipes. This first video (also my first ever posted video) is the bagpipers as the are coming into downtown Brunswick, Maine.

2011 Memorial Day Parade - Brunswick, Maine
2011 Memorial Day Parade - Brunswick, Maine

The Memorial Day Parade this year is especially significant for Brunswick because it also marks the final closing for The Brunswick Naval Air Station.

For as long as I can remember the Navy had a significant presence here. I still remember seeing an impossibly large airplane lumbering along through the sky headed for the Naval Air Station. I still can’t quite fathom how anything quite that large didn’t just fall to the ground.

Go Army - Handing out flags to all the Parade Observers
Go Army - Handing out flags to all the Parade Observers

Back in 1996 when we had the Ice Storm that literally brought the State of Maine to a virtual Standstill it was those planes that brought help from other states in the form of electricians complete with their repair vehicles.

Brunswick Jr. High Band and The US Navy Marching

The Naval Air Station was an integral part of this community for 68 years. In November of 2009 the last of the P-3’s departed from the base. And as of January 2010 the runways were permanently closed to Naval air traffic. The area has been renamed as The Brunswick Landing.

Soldiers Marching in The Brunswick Parade
Soldiers Marching in The Brunswick Parade
Navy Marching - Brunswick, Maine
Navy Marching - Brunswick, Maine
Memorial Day Parade - Maine
Memorial Day Parade - Maine

The theme for this years parade was “Never Forget.”

Let us never forget the contributions and presence that Brunswick enjoyed from the Navy for the past 68 years.


BNAS Members
BNAS Members

Brunswick is also home to Bowdoin College. The College was founded in 1794 and is a private liberal arts college. There are approximately 1700 students who enjoy an offering of a possible thirty-three majors.

Woodside One Wheelers
Woodside One Wheelers
May 30, 2011 Parade
May 30, 2011 Parade

Brunswick, Maine is located just twelve miles north of Freeport, and twenty-eight miles north of Portland, Maine.

The area was settled in 1628 when it was called Pejepscot. Then after a series of skirmishes and all out wars  the area finally experienced peace in 1717 and was renamed Brunswick in honor of the House of Brunswick and King George.

Memorial Day Parade - Brunswick, Maine 2011
Memorial Day Parade - Brunswick, Maine 2011


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17 thoughts on “Brunswick Maine Memorial Day Parade

  1. Yasser Khan

    Hey Jim,

    Your posts read like some travelogue showing on TV!

    Were you ever a tour guide before?

    You’ve found real-life appreciation of your video on this topic; that can be highly flattering for anyone making a difference in others’ lives buy showing appreciation for their sacrifices. 

    Gratitude is a rare trait indeed. 

    Glad to be back here!


  2. Marquita Herald

    Very nice post Jim … I love Maine! In fact, I just love New England. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to return, but remains on my list of favorite travel spots. Your photos are great and really make the reader feel like they were there for the parade – and what a beautiful day for it!

  3. Linnea Kline

    Hi Jim,

    I haven’t been to Maine for many years but do remember how much I enjoyed it there.  You have done Brunswick and our service men a great honor with this post.  Job well done!  Thanks so much for expanding our horizons.

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks ~ It was a lot of fun just attending the parade and I already know a
      lot about the area. I had no idea that when I posted the video that one of
      the servicemen would contact me directly. I sent him all the pictures and
      clips I had taken that day.

      And of course this has sparked other ideas for other Maine type posts. It’s
      a nice place to be in the summer. 🙂

  4. Theuns

    Hi Jim

    Thanks for this interesting post.

    Yes in South Africa we do not have a 
    Memorial Day and this just is something good that my
    US friends are doing, It just make you feel proud to know
    what brave men did for your country.

    Great photos  love it.


  5. mario

    Hallo Jim, I read your blog with interest. I am Dutch but live in Belgium, here also are closings of the army, airports etc. We live in a strange world at the moment and suffer from the financial crisis day after day. The past is what we call history.
    Thanks for sharing,
    cheers Mario.

    1. Anonymous

      We do indeed live in a strange and ever changing world at the moment. Thanks
      for the comment and I am glad you found this post interesting. I will be
      creating a new post soon.


  6. Dereck

    WOW, Jim

    Yet another Jewel of documentation about your wonderful travels. I never knew about this place… in fact, I’d say, by simply reading your blog about the many different places you travel too… I better start traveling myself or I’ll never be able to keep up!

    Because of my ignorance, I thought that lobsters were the only cool things that came out of Maine. But now… I know much different. (kinda a joke!)

    Keep up the good work, I now have a growing list of places I need to travel too.


    1. Anonymous

      Lobsters are but one of many beautiful and tasty things that we have here in
      Maine. It’s my intention to do posts on several of them this summer. But of
      course the weather just isn’t cooperating this weekend. It’s hard to go to a
      festival in the pouring rain.

      Thanks for the inspiring comment Derrick. Now I’m gonna have to show you all
      much more about Maine.


  7. Tony

    You did a fantastic job! You are a fantastic storyteller through all your pictures and videos, I would love to someday go to Brunswick and experience this for myself.  Thanks for sharing!

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks for the great comment. Maine is a nice place during the Spring,
      Summer and Fall. I do like the winter as well but this past winter just
      seemed to last forever. I love to travel and sharing the experience is fun.

    1. Anonymous

      Oh I have many opportunities for pictures of snow. We often seem to have
      more of it than our fair share. But I originally moved to Maine to get away
      from those 100 degree days.
      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  8. Steve Nicholas

    Great post, Jim! It is definitely important to remember our servicemen and -women as we go through our lives. I think that there are just so many times, because of how few people are actually in the military, that we don’t really see what our military does, but it is truly amazing what our military has done for us.

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