Caserta Royal Palace

Also known as the Reggia of Caserta, Caserta Royal Palace was built as a summer retreat for  Charles VII of Naples. Construction for this modest estate commenced in 1752 and is renowned in part because of its resemblance in structure to the Palace of Versailles in France.

The Caserta Royal Palace is rectangular in shape and measures approximately 247 X 184m. It boasts 1200 rooms and twenty-four state apartments.

Caserta Royal Palace
Caserta Royal Palace

When we first arrived in Caserta at the Caserta Royal Palace it was, I believe, a Tuesday, and while a little bit strange the Palace and Gardens were closed on that day. But as luck would have it we were able to return a few days after.

This Palace is evidently not just a tourist attraction but it is also a fabulous park that is used by the locals for walking and picnics and children playing soccer or just having fun in the sunshine.

If you look at the picture above the main entrance is in the center of the Palace structure. From here that opening appears small. But this Palace is immense.

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Central Staircase from the Bottom- Caserta Royal Palace

The main staircase is like a wide avenue crafted of fine marble and adorned with sculptures, mosaics and grand paintings.

I’ve read that this staircase as well as certain rooms throughout the palace have been used in a variety of films.

Caserta Royal Palace
Caserta Royal Palace- Grand Staircase


Of particular note is that the staircase was used in the film Angels & Demons. The sheer size of the structure does, in fact resemble parts of the Vatican and is much more easily accessible.

While I did travel to the Vatican I felt lucky here in that I wasn’t over-run by mobs of other tourists. While there was a throng of children visiting the palace when I was there I had many times when I was essentially alone in a variety of these really grand rooms.

Travelswithjim-2 832
The Throne Room
Travelswithjim-2 837
The Throne Room - Caserta Palace

The Throne Room is massive and if you look closely at the pictures you can get a taste of the opulent adornments. The Caserta Royal Palace is replete with paintings such as the one on the ceiling in this long hall.

The Throne itself is actually at the end of the room on the left.

Travelswithjim-2 859
Royal Cradle

Even the children who resided in this palace were afforded superior accommodations. I can only fantasize what it must have been like to be able to grow up in such a resplendent environment.

I can only show just so many pictures for each post. But with 1200 rooms to get lost in it must have been a great place to play as a kid.

Travelswithjim-2 898
Royal Bed Chamber-Caserta Royal Palace





Even though Charles VII was reputed to have been overcome with delight at having a Palace unto himself that rivaled the Great Place of Versailles in France he evidently didn’t spend even one night in this Palace.

Apparently in 1759 he abdicated so that he could take his place as King of Spain. The Caserta Royal Palace was completed in 1772 for Ferdinand IV of Naples.

Travelswithjim-2 880
Mythological Paintings -Royal Palace
Travelswithjim-2 894
Palatial Hot Tub
Travelswithjim-2 915
Ornate Marble Floor- And Endless Hallway








Caserta Royal Palace
Library- Caserta Royal Palace

In Part Two of Caserta Royal Palace we will go out and play in the Gardens. Just imagine a garden of 250 acres complete with your own series of waterfalls and fountains.

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17 thoughts on “Caserta Royal Palace

  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful.   We all need to enjoy what life has to offer us.   Take the time to smell the roses and visit places that you’ve never seen before….

  2. Stevie Smith

    Imagine spending all that money on a grand old castle and never actually sleep even one night in it…  Wait…  It wasn’t really  his money.  Still a gorgeous abode, ideal as a “pied a terre” in beautiful Naples don’t you think?

    Keep the Smiles and I certainly always have mine on whenever I come visit your blog.


  3. Marquita Herald

    Wow, this is really an amazing place. I’ve never been there, but I have been to the Palace of Versailles so I can well imagine. Thanks for the really awesome photographs – makes it much easier to imagine being there!

  4. Julieanne van Zyl

    Hello James, it certainly is amazing!  I loved looking at the photographs, thanks so much for displaying them for us to get an inside look.   Can you imagine living there in those times, with  phone or intercom system, to be able to find other people?  LOVE the room with the painting on the ceiling also, so magnificent!  regards from Julieanne

  5. Terrific Tonya Heathco

    As a young child I would imagine living in a palace much like this.  So awesome that you are able to bring this memory back to me. Thank you for being the worlds best travel agent!

  6. Debi Talbert

    Wonderful, amazing details here Jim. Love your pictures and your stories. Thanks so much for sharing your travels with us. 

  7. Brandon Wraith

    Hey Jim!

    Wow, the man this palace was built for never even stayed in it…

    If I were Charles, I at least would have spent a weekend or a few days in there, it looks awesome!

    Looking forward to part 2

    Brandon Wraith
    Knowledge is POWER

  8. Loren

    Wow! What an awesome castle to visit. Your review and photos are so enticing that I would love to make that my next adventure! I would need to spend a month in there taking in all of the splendour and would probably need some work some realignment work done on my neck afterwards! You have some great recorded memories in your photos! Thanks for capturing some wonderful images and sharing them with us all.

    1. Anonymous

      It’s too bad they don’t encourage people to lie down so that we could see
      all the really beautiful ceiling work that is replete in those palaces. It
      truly is amazing stuff. And it’s my pleasure to share it with you all. I get
      to re-live it too. 🙂

    2. Anonymous

      So far you have only seen the Palace itself. I am currently getting ready to
      do the post about the Park. It’s replete with all kinds of fountains and
      statuary and encompasses 2.5 acres along a 2.5 mile stretch. It was a great
      walk and really quite interesting. Hopefully I’ll have that posted this
      afternoon. Right now I have to pick out a few nice pictures.

      Thanks for the nice comment.

  9. John Gaydon

    Hi Jim,

    This place is amazing, and I never even heard of it before! I am continually amazed at all the wonderful places we have to visit on planet earth. Next time I am in Europe, I will be putting this one on my list!

  10. Trevor Barrett

    Jim you have certainly visited some wonderful places on your travels. Anyone on a Mediterranean cruise which stops at Naples would do well to pay a visit here.

  11. Steve Nicholas

    Great post, Jim! Some of these pictures remind me of the Sistine Chapel. Great work as always showing the rest of us about some of the amazing things that are out there.

  12. Raena Lynn

    Hi Jim,
    These pictures of Caserta Royal Palace are phenomenal. All of them are great. I especially like the marble floor and endless hallway. I commented on The Park earlier and I know these are prerequisite, however, I’ve decided to explore your blog and go back to see what I missed!

    The Throne Room is absolutely gorgeous too!

    Raena Lynn

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