Blowing Bubbles

The day started out with my dragging myself out of bed at the crack before dawn, getting something to eat while watching this enormous cruise ship glide into the Circle Key port just across the bay and then putting all my stuff together and making it to the rendezvous point in time to begin the days adventure off into the wonderful world of Australia.Airbnb View

I’m actually staying in a place I found via Airbnb. And you have to see this amazing view from the 8th floor. I had actually seen it when I was perusing places I might like to stay here in the Sydney area. I have membership in a travel club which has access to all sorts of properties world-wide, but evidently not in any of the places where I had wanted to be in Australia and since I prefer not to have to drive, especially in a place where they drive on the other side of the street from what I am accustomed to then it’s nicer to be in a location that has easy access to everywhere I want to be. Have a look at the view from where I am now.The Three Sisters

Jim's First KangarooYesterday I was in the blue mountains of New South Wales. The mountains and the surrounding tranquil rainforest were really beautiful although there must be some sort of school holiday as I had to endure a modicum of screaming children at some point. And as a part of that excursion we stopped off at a place along the way back to Sydney proper where I had the opportunity to see and connect with Kangaroos and Koalas among other wildlife.Blowing Bubbles

So when this next tour started off with a stopover at a reptile land or sorts I was was somewhat unimpressed. Although at some point as I navigated the trails I stumbled onto the Alligator/Crocodile exhibits and while I didn’t see them all at first I did find this one fellow particularly ominous sort of lying there waiting for some unsuspecting tourist. Fences make better reptiles!

As I ventured off I noticed that he was blowing bubbles. Maybe he was a wee disappointed that I was departing before the next meal.Join me in a toast to my next adventure

I’m off on yet another adventure, on a boat with dolphins and such. Click this link to discover the interesting travel tip that I learned onboard the MoonShaddow.

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