Traveling the Cobbled Streets

The fishmongers and vegetable sellers were quite friendly and loud. On the streets where Gennaro led us the streets were replete with people with wares to sell right out on the outdoor markets as well as in little shops nestled in small yet really full spaces along streets with large stones that must have been laid centuries ago but remain even today and in fine shape for all travelers.

Open Market
Fresh Vegetables Everywhere
Italian Sweets





The vegetable markets are fabulous with all sorts of fresh vegetables on display. As we have traveled around the country we have seen oodles of lemon and orange trees as well as olive trees. And of course there are the little shops that are selling some of the most amazing sweets and confections. In one shop we saw some cake that was drenched in bourbon whiskey. While not specifically on my food plan I did imbibe and it was quite tasty.

Fish Monger
Oodles of Fish for sale
A mess of fish
A mess of fish






Bella Artichokes
Bella Artichokes (Carciofini)


As I was preparing  to photograph the artichokes the vendor were arranging them for me and when just ready he proclaimed “Bella Carciofini!!” I love artichokes and am looking forward to when we might have them for dinner one night soon. I am told that Adrianna has purchased them and is planning this as part of a feast.

As we were making our way down a variety of narrow streets we noted one really small car driving down a one way to a corner and then turning left down yet another one way street. It appears that the Italians make up their own rules about the road and just go. Chester has offered me the opportunity to drive but I have politely declined. The way in which the Italians drive reminds  me of when I was in Haiti. The Haitians have no respect for either a stop sign or a stop light. But my Aunt Joan managed that nightmare rather well.

Jim and Genarro
Jim and Genarro in Napoli
Two Churches
Two Churches Face one another

On the far left is a picture of me and Genarro. On the right the picture depicts two churches that we visited on this morning. On the left is the New Christ Church- Chiesa del Gesu Nuova which as you will see is quite ornate and beautiful. The church on the right is Chiesa Santa Chiara (St. Clara). St Clara was a disciple of St. Francis and catered more to the poor. So in this church while equally beautiful the adornments are much more simple and unpretentious.

Chiesa del Gesu Nuova:

Front of the Church
Interesting front of the Church
Center View
Center View





Bella Adornments
Bella Adornments




Beautiful Church Ceiling
Beautiful Church Ceiling




The ceilings in most all of the churches I have seen thus far are as amazing as the rest of the church interiors. I cn only imagine what it took to adorn those ceilings long ago when the structures were first erected.


Chiesa Santa Chiara :

Alter- Long View- Santa Chiara
Santa Chiara - Long View
Santa Chiara closer alter view









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