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As an avid traveler I am always collecting travel tips from wherever I happen to get them as well as developing my own list of travel tips and suggestions.

I happened to find this video on YouTube that has some good suggestions, but I’d like to give you the benefit of some of my practical experience. Have a look at it


In these days of increased TSA regulations and presence it’s a very good idea to be as organized as you possibly can. But also be aware that TSA gets suspicious if you are doing anything that seems like it might be out of the norm.

One of the tips in the video is to roll your clothes rather than folding which makes sense for keeping the wrinkles at bay but also it tends to pack better. Just be aware that this tends to be something that bothers TSA as most travelers don’t do that.

I would also suggest that you minimize the amount of carry on items that you have. I always take my laptop and camera with me but anymore I put as much as I can in checked baggage. The first issue is that there is limited space available for all the carry-on baggage that everyone seems to want to take with them and unless you are one of the first people on the plane then it’s entirely possible that there won’t be enough room for all the stuff you might want to carry on with you but that you won’t necessarily need during the flight.

The next issue (and I have suspected that this would happen) is that because people have been taking too much as carry-on, at least one airline is now charging as much as an additional $75.00 for carry-on bags that could just as easily be checked to your final destination. My guess is that if one airline is doing it all the others will be doing it soon as well.

While traveling to  Seattle, Washington just this last week I experienced an unexpected additional layover of about three hours when the plane that we were supposed to be traveling on developed some serious issues and the airline grounded that airplane for the obvious safety concerns.

This is one of those things that is entirely out of your control. But I would rather that the airline err on the side of safety rather than my never getting to my destination. In the end I did get to Seattle where for the entire eight days I was there it was sunny and warm.

If you’d like other tips about travel (including a new regulation whereby TSA may have the authority to confiscate your cell phone) that I have gathered from my circumnavigating the globe sign up for my travel tips here.

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