The Grasshopper & The Ant

You might be wondering what I am on about now. Well the title for this post is actually the name of the first restaurant in which I enjoyed a fine Greek meal when I arrived here in Athens, Greece on the thirtieth of August.

While not all my flights were on time we did seem to manage to get to our destinations on time and without too too much difficulty. Because I have recently flown long distance from Maine to San Francisco I already had a good idea that the airplane seats could be rather uncomfortable. So I had prepared for this next adventure by ordering both a neck pillow and an inflatable seat cushion. And quite frankly I made a great decision. I actually had a nice sleep on the plane and arrived in Athens relatively rested and not numb from the pain.

Waiting to Depart from Amsterdam to Athens
Waiting to Depart from Amsterdam to Athens

George Katopis met me at the airport and whisked me off to my hotel The Athenian Callirhoe. I had been led to believe that this was a four star hotel. But after being here now for several days I have my doubts. Even my Greek friends Yiorgis & Angilla have commented that the people at the desk here are less than helpful and neither professional nor terribly friendly. Nevertheless it’s a place to sleep and that’s all I really need to start my journey. Next time I come to Athens I will stay elsewhere.

Rooftop Restaurant at the Athenian Callirhoe
Rooftop Restaurant at the Athenian Callirhoe

Yiorgis & Angilla picked me up at the hotel at around 9:30pm when we then went to the Grasshopper & the Ant for a fabulous taste of all sorts of Greek food. My friends have told me that this is a place that is not frequented by tourists as it is difficult to find and the people here speak Greek. It’s more the neighborhood restaurant than a tourist attraction.

Four Star Hotel ?
Four Star Hotel ?
4 Star Hotel ?
4 Star Hotel ?

At some point during this first meal in Greece Yiorgis announced that he thought it was time to get me back to my hotel because he thought I was fading. I let him know that after around 15 hours of flying time, the Ouzo with which we started the meal and the several carafes of Greek wine that it was a wonder I was still even half awake. I slept fabulously and I haven’t experienced Jet-lag at all.

Tomorrow we go to Saronida,

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8 thoughts on “The Grasshopper & The Ant

  1. Raena Lynn

    Hi Jim,

    I can tell this is the beginning of your journey in Greece after we Skyped! Some of your readers may not know, but you are presently on a 17 day vacation in Greece! I am so glad that you are having a wonderful time so far and I am looking forward to you photography. We are all in for a treat!

    You are definitely an experienced traveler by taking along a neck pillow and inflatable seat cushion. Your 5-star hotel is fabulous!

    Raena Lynn

  2. John

    One of the beautiful place in the world is Greece as I’ve heard and I’m hoping that someday I can go there and have a vacation together with my family. Yeah! You are definitely an experienced traveler by taking along a neck pillow and inflatable seat cushion. Your 5-star hotel is fabulous and awesone!

    1. admin

      Hi John ~ Greece is indeed one of the most beautiful places I have been to thus far. It is rich with cultural diversity as well as ancient history. I think I was especially fortunate to have native Greeks as my guide and hosts while I was there. I am aware that I got to go to places where other visitors might not ordinarily go. Nevertheless do make a point of getting there. I would recommend going either just before the onset of the summer season or after the height of the summer season as it can be very hot there. I now know and can appreciate the reasoning for the afternoon siesta. It’s just to dang hot for anything else.

  3. crescele

    Hi Jim, I was wondering about the title too so I ended up reading the whole blog. Interesting name for a restaurant. They don’t serve grasshoppers and ants, do they? That would make for a really unique Greek dish. Not sure anyone would order it though. I’d stick to my favorite moussaka.

    1. admin

      Hi Steve~ Really the only place I have ever been where they cook and eat strange bugs was Thailand. But I just couldn’t bring myself to put a deep fat fried tarantula in my mouth. I’ve tried and enjoyed all sorts of interesting foods but I just have to draw the line somewhere. :-). I enjoy moussaka too. I will be making κοτόπουλο στην σχάρα……grilled chicken with vegetables and feta for a dinner I am having on the 11th. I’m not sure that I will make Baklava then or not.

  4. Jonathan

    I have always wanted to visit Greece. I see that you are a traveler and your post is really very interesting. This one captured my eyes because I think that the title is somewhat different but then it was your trip to Athens. It might really be great to have a view and feel the culture of the Greece people, especially knowing the Greek gods and goddesses. It is fascinating.

    1. admin

      I think I was more fortunate than most because I have friends who are Greek and live in Athens. They took me to places the novice traveler might never get to see. And I learned so much about Greece and the people there. It was a fabulous experience and I look forward to a return trip soon. There is so much more to see and explore than can be accomplished in just18 days.

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