Demetrius in Saronida

According to my friends Yiorgis and Anguilla Demetrius is synonymous with James. I don’t often refer to myself as James although there have been others that do. Even so James is indeed my name and so  whilst I am in Greece I am certainly okay with Demetrius. In fact just for fun I recently changed my iPhone setting to Demetrius Talbottopolis or “Δημητρησ Ταλμπετοπολισ,” Thanks to my friend Alexander for translating it into the Greek. Quite frankly I like the way it looks although I haven’t a clue how I would go about pronouncing that.

Demetrius in Saronida
Demetrius in Saronida

So, on we go to Saronida. First off, to pronounce it correctly you might say “Saroni-dth-a.” I know it might be somewhat different than English per say but what you want to do is to pronounce it with the “th” sound but adding a bit of the “d” sound. To me it’s a lot like cooking where you add a little bit of this with a little bit of that and then you end up (hopefully) with something fabulous and tasty.

The picture above is actually a photograph I took from the terrace of my friends Anguilla and Yiorgis. We traveled here today from Athens so that we could enjoy the swimming and beach community.

Yacht at Saronida
Yacht at Saronida
Verandah in Saronida
Verandah in Saronida

According to my friends it was unusually humid this day. And mostly because of this unusual humidity they could not share the beautiful sunset with me that they usually enjoy from their lovely verandah.Demetrius in Saronida

After the requisite siesta Yiorgis and I took the Dog Botticelli for a five minute walk. Actually our five minute walk turned into a forty-five minute hike up into the hills behind the houses of Saronida. I’m thinking that poor Botticelli doesn’t often get that much exercise as he had some difficulty keeping up.


But for me it was a nice walk in the hills and the views from way up were lovely, albeit somewhat foggy.

View from on top of the hills of Saronida
View from on top of the hills of Saronida

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3 thoughts on “Demetrius in Saronida

  1. Raena Lynn

    Hello Jim,

    I’ve been stopping by lately to see if you have been posting anything about your stay in Greece! Yes, here is a wonderful article about Demetrius in Saronida! Setting your iPhone to Demetrius Talbottopolis or “Δημητρησ Ταλμπετοπολισ is hilarious!

    Saronida looks like a quaint city and what a beautiful view from your friends Verandah! Once again, you’ve managed to take some gorgeous pictures. I am looking forward to more stories and adventures whilst in Greece. By the way you look fabulous in purple!

    Raena Lynn

    1. admin

      Raena ~

      As Always thanks for stopping by to check on my progression and travels. Saronida is a quaint place but not quite a city per se. It has evidently grown from the once small area to a more popular area primarily with Athenians who are looking to get out of the city of Athens and closer to the beach at least for the summer.

      By the way I love Purple. It’s a great color.

      On to my next post. I would hope that you have heard of Poseidon.


  2. Yorinda

    Hi Demetrius (James),

    reading your article about your experience in Greece takes me back more than 30 years, when I spend three holidays in Greece, the longest was for 3 month and mainly on Crete.

    I love your pictures, even the hazy ones.
    It sounds like you are having great ‘travelguides’ and you are learning the language and history and culture. More Ouzo and greek wine too?

    Thanks for sharing this!

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