Poughkeepsie to New York

I recently had the opportunity to travel to the Metroplolitan Museum of Art. Really up until April of 1012 I had only ever flown into New York City and then out on my way to some other destination. My trip in April was the first time I had been to New York City as a destination in itself.

But for this trip I traveled from Poughkeepsie to New York. Now having friends in Poughkeepsie makes actually getting into the city more of a reality for me.


We didn’t actually leave for the city until around noon at which time my friend George had me drive into the city. Now I grew up in Colorado and have driven in all sorts of areas and circumstances and in a variety of different vehicles including an eighteen wheeler but the prospect of actually driving in downtown New York City was just a little harrowing to me. I think I was misinformed by the media as to the realities. In the end it wasn’t really all that much different that driving in any other city.

We managed to get all the way from Poughkeepsie to New York without any problems at all really. Then once we actually found the museum we enjoyed an afternoon of some really fine art.

Poughkeepsie to New York

The Met, as it  is more familiarly known is evidently the largest museum in the USA. It measures out at almost one quarter mile and is home to more than two million works of art. The main building of the museum is located at the eastern edge of Central Park.

Sculpture at the Met

George had at one point suggested that I might like to go to some place called The Cloisters. He said that at The Cloisters, in addition to marvelous gardens that there was also a nice collection of Medieval art. I don’t recall hearing him say so, but it turns out that The Cloisters is another part of the Met.

Jim at the Met

While I am quite sure that I have not yet seen all that the Met has to offer I was able to enjoy a variety of collections including Greek, Egyptian, Asian, and Byzantine.

I was also pleased to see that the Met itself is an architecturally interesting building with lots of natural light pouring in from outside through greenhouse like glass panes.

Here we have The Temple of Dendur. The temple was built in approximately 15 BC in Nubia where it remained until 1963. It is now here in the museum rebuilt as it once was but protected from the natural and not so natural elements.

The Temple of Dendur


Inside the temple

Art at the Temple


There are a plethora of wonderful things to see here at the Met. It would take me forever to post pictures of absolutely everything I saw when I was here. Instead I would suggest that if you  haven’t been here that you make a point of traveling to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Dramatic Sculpture

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