Irene & Aileen come to Maine

My dear friend Aileen has been traveling about the Northeast with her lovely mother Irene Rose O’Donoghue who is 91 years old.

Yesterday we started out with a return trip to Baily’s Island where we went to Land’s End, not the clothing store, but a place on Bailey Island where the road ends just before a little beach and then the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. It was a glorious Maine day with brilliant sunshine and fabulous blue water along the coast.
While I usually take oodles of Photographs when I am out and about I thought to take videos. While we were dining on Fresh Maine Lobster at Cook’s Lobster House the evening before Irene would ocassionally relate a story from her life. She has 91 years of some of the most fabulous tales and experiences and she still exudes great passion in her story telling. So, while a picture is fine I was thinking that a video recording the stories and the woman herself would be much more interesting and something that could be treasured for forever.


Irene & Aileen Come to Maine

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