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Champagne to Start my Journey
Champagne to Start my Journey

I have friends all over the world. Some of them move from time to time a lot like Americans might move from Maine to Florida for the winter months. And a lot of them now either have families and/or collections of stuff that they’d rather not part with. So moving from one place to another or in my case traveling for long periods of time can mean hassling with luggage and airports and/or busses and lots of luggage.

So my friend Antony discovered this place called Send My Bag that will essentially send any bag to your destination. Of course they charge a fee. But for me I have to weigh the fee against the fee that the airlines would charge and the reduction in hassle that I would have.

I wish i had known about it when I was traveling to Greece with three suitcases and a backpack. I had been on a mission of sorts to take a bunch of Maine tee shirts and some other things to some kids in the mountains of Greece. Austerity and “the crisis,” has been difficult for families and especially kids. So I was traveling essentially with too much stuff which when I think about it now also made me a target for thieves.

But, so Send My Bag will pick your bag, gold clubs, surf board or any other item up at your door and deliver it to your destination in a couple of days. You have to fill out some customs forms just to make sure that you aren’t sending salable items that could be charged a duty but that’s pretty much it. Pack it up and send it off and it will either be there when you get there or a day or two after.

I love to travel and I think this will make the actual traveling from one place to another less of a hassle and more enjoyable. Less is better in this case.



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