Dinner Guests in Laurium

After touring the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion we traveled up the cost a bit to the fishing village of Laurium. In ancient times Laurium was known for thier mining of silver which was then turned into coinage mainly used in Athens. Evidently they also had a terrible reputation for the way they treated slaves who worked in the silver mines.

Today it is partly a peaceful fishing village and partly the home to several yacht leasing companies. Evidently this is the place where my friend Yioryis goes when he wants to lease a yacht that he then sails in and around and amongst the various Greek Islands.

Laurium Yachts
Laurium Yachts

Once we finished a leisurely walk through the boat yard and some of the small village that is there. We settled on having dinner at a small  outdoor cafe. While there weren’t too many others dining at what I now know to be a rather early hour at about 9:00 to 10:00pm, pretty much as soon as we sat down we were joined by eager dinner guests.

Dinner Guests in Laurium
Dinner Guests in Laurium

Prior to traveling to Rome in March I had been told that I would see lots and lots of cats there. But it seems to me that there are quite a few more cats all about Greece.

Fresh fish for dinner
Fresh fish for dinner

We actually went up to the cooler at this cafe and picked out the fish that would then be our dinner. I’m guessing that our dinner guests are used to visitors taking pity on such sweet countenances and handing over a morsel or two here and there. They were all quite patient and cute. Not a one of our guests ever ventured to leap onto the table to abscond with anything uninvited.

Sweet, Innocent Dinner Guest in Laurium
Sweet, Innocent Dinner Guest in Laurium

I would think that after three bottles of Ouzo that Our Dinner Guests in Laurium could have gotten away with just about anything. Of course I think I was more affected by the Ouzo than either on my Greek friends. Yioryis did say that this particular Ouzo seemed a bit stronger than some other that I was able to enjoy, but then at 40% alcohol I guess it would be.

Oreki Ouzo
Oreki Ouzo


Polite Dinner Guests in Laurium
Polite Dinner Guests in Laurium

Next Stop is the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

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9 thoughts on “Dinner Guests in Laurium

  1. Lynn Jones

    What an adventure you are on! The history is so interesting, the fresh food (fish) sounds delicious, with 40% alcohol (oh my gosh!) and 2 white furry friends as company! I think you are having a great time!

  2. Theuns

    Hi James

    It is always nice to read your blog , to learn about all the great place’s thati s
    out there that we can put on our dream lists.

    I love to eat at a place were you can pick the fish that you want on your plate
    But i an nor a Cat lover and don’t even like it when dogs look at you when you eat
    but i think for one time that will not be the end of the world.


  3. Marc Korn

    Hi Jim,

    Looks like the adventure continues and you are enjoying the food and drink as much as the touring…

    Leasing a Yacht must be a great way to sail around the Islands and possibly go fishing.
    As always, your pictures and descriptions bring everything to life. Luckily your dinner guests were well trained and didn’t actually pull up a chair and join you on the table.

    I look forward to your next stop in Athens.


  4. Lynda Cromar

    This is a great place to create a permanent record of all of your world-wide exploits and travels. I don’t drink so I cannot imagine 40% alcohol. I am intrigued by the behavior of the cats that didn’t cry to get your attention but just looked longingly at your food, lol. It is fun to go to quaint out of the way places as it appears you are doing.

  5. Raena Lynn

    Hi Jim,

    Your stories always make me feel like I’m there! Your dinner guests are so cute! I really like the white kittys. Your articles are always so interesting because you share the history with each destination. I think it would be very exciting to sail around the Greek islands in a yacht! By the way, great picture of the boat yard. I’ve never heard of Ouzo before, and it sounds like it packs a punch!

    Your posts show us how much you love to travel and you always have a lovely time every place you go! Imagine having the freedom of being able to wine and dine any time we desire!

    I’m looking forward to your Athens experience! Thanks for sharing your post and beautiful pictures!

    Raena Lynn

  6. Willena Flewelling

    I’m enjoying your travels vicariously. 🙂

    Those kitties are definitely more polite than our own! We have four, and while they don’t jump up on the table while you’re sitting there, you can’t turn your back on your food if you leave the table for a moment!!

    Willena Flewelling

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