Back to Belfast

We essentially spent the day traveling from Galway to Belfast. I got to drive again and that was nice for me and a nice break for Branden. And the others had nice conversations in between naps.

We managed yet another full Irish breakfast and because of that opted for a late lunch in Newry along the coast. Unfortunately the food was only okay. I ordered a Caesar salad to start and I must say it was the portion equivalent of a postage stamp. And as often as I say “No Potatoes for me,” I still get a slathering of potatoes and the alternate fresh vegetables are drenched in butter and other sauces. It must be nice to be a naturally thin Irishman who can eat all the potatoes, fresh cream, cheese and Guinness that they want.

Lunch in Newry, Ireland
Lunch in Newry, Ireland

The Pub was full of Irishmen and their families having a bit of Sunday dinner and watching the current football game.


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One thought on “Back to Belfast

  1. Hannah Fox Trowbridge

    Oh Jim I so enjoyed my Ireland tour just now and look forward to further travels. From the comfort of my house that is! Flamingoes are on their way via amazon ~~
    have a wee bit of a dandy time and you look smashing in your pictures ~ beware the spuds!

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